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Video: Tarkwa Artistes are not treated well, Goldfields didn’t give us anything after our performance at Goldfields @25 – Kyn Citi Cries Out

The King of the City, Kyn Citi yesterday took to his official Facebook account in a live video to voice out that one major issue battling the Artistes based in Tarkwa.

According to the singer, they were not paid for the just ended Goldfields @25 show which had KiDi and Kofi Kinaata as the headline Artists and 8 other Tarkwa based Artistes.

Kyn Citi mentioned that, this hasn’t been the first time event organizers in Tarkwa are failing to respect their hustle. Said they were not paid last year when they were billed to perform at their very own Amankuman Festival.

He apportioned part of the blames to the “Middle Men” (Media Men) in Tarkwa who one way or the other coordinates the affairs between Artistes and Event Organizers. Saying they should be their mouthpiece and negotiate for the Artists to get paid, but that wasn’t the case for Goldfields @25. “Not even Ghc1 was given to us”.

Ace media personnel who works with Space Fm Tarkwa, Kwame Atoapim, couldn’t hold back seeing how things are unfolding and asked Kyn Citi to attack the event organizers and not Goldfields.

“Get your facts accurate before you accused…. Goldfields are not the organizers of the show, the whole show was given to an “event house” so if nothing was given to you as a performance fee U go hard on the Organizers and not Goldfields”

According to Atoapim, all other Artists billed to perform knew their fate before gracing the show so why the rant on social media.

“And one more thing……. Every underground artists that performs that night was detailed with the “Terms and conditions” of the show 2 days before the event so each and everyone knows of his fate before gracing the stage so why now accusing?

Whenever a show is in town ask the organizers to pay U before U climb the stage so U don’t come here later and tell ppl U have been cheated and stuff……”

Watch Kyn Citi’s live video here.

Kyn Citi’s Live Video 2

We will bring you more update as the issue unfolds.

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