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Shatta Wale Blast MUSIGA and Ghamro

Shatta Wale a Ghanaian Dancehall Artist has expressed his disappointments in the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) for raising bans on profane songs. He (Wale) feels its a show business.

read what he shared on his facebook wall.

“We have seen musicians come and go down.All because they dont speak out for their rights.This so called industry has made musicians so poor till now that musicians cant even make ends meat.Its a total disgrace to hear musigha come out to think banning of profane songs can change our industry but dont think of educating musicians to see this career as a business venture which most musicians need more than anything.Obuor and your team sit up cuz all what you see these days is called the “REVOLUTION”..

“Thats why i love daddy lumba,He is grown and matured and do you think he regrets doing all his songs.No , he knows our industry is full of hypocrites and hungry industry players..Go and ban him cuz he is waiting for u ..Disgraceful souls…Big up Daddy lumba and large up Yaa pono.Go n ban his name too..Shame on musigha and shame on Ghamro..‪#‎Entertainer‬


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