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Sarkodie explains WHY some rappers Weren’t mentioned in #TakeItBack

Sarkodie in a series of tweets has tried explaining why some artists were excluded from his TakeItBack mentions.The BET Award winner and Sackcess Music act tweeted;

“Big ups to the fans and media pushing the #TakeItBack Agenda

Loads of Mcees killed it back in the day and trust me you can’t fix all of em on a joint but y’all know them #TakeItBack

Just for the record I don’t brag lol … I’m a rapper …

I feel most new rappers ain’t got the time to go tru the grooming stage which is very necessary …It equip you for what’s ahead #TakeItBack

Kasahari level with @DrDuncwillsent on @Adom1063fm made me who I am today… My delivery timing and command #TakeItBack

I was put on the spot several times with some weird beats lol!!! Different kick arrangements… Confusing timing

Dr. Made me tense all week cos didn’t know who I was gonna be facing the next Saturday lol… #TakeItBack

I’m ever ready and my past made me … #TakeItBack

Don’t skip to the end … Try to take it one at a time … And trust me it will be worth it … #TakeItBack

I might say the same things you say but they might believe me more and it’s just because of how long you put in work … #TakeItBack

And that’s why I take my hat off for these guys I dropped thier names on the record #TakeItBack … They know the deal

Still got surprises for SarkNation #TakeItBack”

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