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Criss Waddle Blast Charter House After VGMA Snub


AMG Business capo Criss Waddle has reacted to the nominees list Charterhouse released yesterday.The P3p33p3 hit maker took to social media right after the nominations to air his fraustrations.

He posted on his Facebook page;

“If charter house told us we didn’t work hard to be nominated I would have given them more respect,but for them to say because I supported Shatta wale with a video when he had major issues with them,they will never nominate or acknowledge my works it’s fine,Am not hurt!!! ‪#‎WeNoBore‬ ‪#‎WeStillOkay‬ ‪#‎AMGBUSiNESS‬

“If ‪#‎p3kakra‬ and forgetti Obiaa can’t make it to the ‪#‎VGMAs‬ hiphop nominees then what is the criteria for selecting dem nominees… ‪#‎WackAwards‬

“Just because Shatta wale was saying the truth and I backed him?I’m as real as it gets because even if “R2bees”my Godfathers were to be in charter house shoes acting this way,I would have still backed wale,I don’t care, truth is truth and if anyone wants to depress any artist I will give that depressed artist my support ‪#‎P3kakra‬ ‪#‎ForgettiObiaa‬ are heavy weight hip hop jams
“No wait so PAPPY KOJO “Ay3 Late” is a hip hop song??? I thought Realer No ft Joey B was rather hip hop?? Come on!!! Are they doing favors or they doing the right thing??? ‪#‎AMG‬ ‪#‎iFyouKnowthenYouknow‬
“If PaeDae’s Nineteen Ninety does not win hip hop song of the year,I will slap Aboagyei OF CHARTER HOUSE 90 times anywhere I meet him face to face!!! I swear ‪#‎AMGCEO‬”


Credit YFMGhana

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