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Ato Dadson Writes: 5 things you did not know about Pappy Kojo’s ‘Realer No’ video

aye late music video1After things really kicking off for him in the latter part of 2014 when he collaborated on the smash hit Wave with Joey B, Pappy caught the ears of rap lovers with his Fante approach to hip hop rap. It was nothing new to the music scene in Ghana because of the likes of Kwaw Kese, Kofi kinaata and Tee phlow just to name a few but there was something about him that got people paying attention. 

aye late music video2

Was it the flow?? His looks?? Style of music??  Well, Pappy did not want to wait to see how long that wave will last (see what I did there??) so he followed up with his first official single Realer no, also featuring Joey B. The song later won hip hop song of the year at the 2015 Ghana Music Awards and Best New Discovery video at the 2015 MTN 4syte Music Awards.

aye late music video3

The 5 things you did not know about the realer no video

  • Did you know the whole video was shot in just 24hours by Prince Dovlo? Every scene was pushed into a 24hour time frame because of the release date of the video.
  • Did you know the Spark like effect that shows Pappy in a hallway with Sparks falling down was created by an electrician on top of the backdrop due to the unavailability of the machine on the day of the shoot?
  • aye late music video7

This was actually the hardest part of the video because Pappy was shirtless and those sparks hurt so bad when it touches your skin. He was victim to that on SEVERAL occasions.

aye late music video5

  • Did you know after all the scenes were shot, the full video was cut and edited the very next day?? The director Prince Dovlo brought all his equipment to enable him do this at the studio because of the limited time frame.
  • aye late music video4
  • Did you know the video was recorded over an unmixed and unfinished version of the song on set due to changes Pappy later had to go and make in the studio before it was released?
  • Did you know the trampoline scene in the video almost did not make it onto the final cut?? Pappy and Joey were extremely tired from shooting all day that the energy to jump on a trampoline was just not there.

aye late music video6


[Credit Ameyaw Debrah]

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