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Eddie Nartey says ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ should’t have received 15 Ghana Movie Awards nominations

Actor and movie director, Eddie Nartey has shared his views on why ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ should’t have received 15 Ghana Movie Awards nominations following the announcement last night. He took to Facebook to explain:
I can’t hold it but express my opinion.GHANA MOVIE AWARDS has done it again just like many expected. I don’t even want to talk about how long I had to wait with several of my colleagues as well as the media before the Nominees Announcement got started. Now how come BEAST OF NO NATION got 15 nominations? BEAST OF NO NATION???this 6 million budget dollar movie is now competing with the local movies? I thought it was GHANA MOVIEAWARDS, an event to honor filmmakerslocally. Why don’t you put it in the African Movie of the year category since I consider it as an international movie? This is so unfair to the young ones who are on the field trying to make this industry stand with the little in them. If you want to award BEAST OF NO NATION because it was shot here in Ghana then do it in a different way but don’t let it compete with Our local movies. It’s quite unfortunate that a couple of actors and actresses have worked so hard this year and are not appreciated with even nominations. THIS IS SAD. I don’t blame the organizers that much but the very actors and actresses who will complain behind close doors and be mute in the open about such issues. If you want a change, then be part of creating that change. It’s just a SHAME

Source: ameyawdebrah.com

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