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Bulldog Slept With Someone’s Girlfriend & Stole His Clothes in Germany – Shatta Wale Leaks More Info

The controversy between Shatta Wale and his former manager, Bulldog over nude pictures of the latter’s wife has got the former finally talking.
Fiwa Hanson, wife of Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson (Bulldog) has alleged that Shatta Wale has her nude photographs and is likely to leak them soon.
But in a comprehensive interview with Pluzz FM Thursday, Shatta refuted rumours claiming that he is the one behind the circulation of the naked pictures on some social media platforms.
“I respect Mrs Hanson so much so why would I do that to taint her reputation while I have to push my Kakai and Mahama song, I want to clear the minds of Ghanaians that the alleged naked photos is a frame up thing to put me in the picture because of my brand.”
According to the ‘Kakai’ singer, all the issues popping up happened in Germany, where two Ghanaian friends who lived in Germany escorted them throughout their tour.
Shatta Wale alleged that Bulldog was seen ‘bonking’ one of the young men’s girlfriend and allegedly stole the guy’s apparel as well.
“The young man told me he saw Bulldog making love to his girlfriend, and was wearing his clothes as well. After trying all means to solve the problem amicably which didn’t work the German Police came in.”
The Manager of Shatta Movement Family further disclosed that he intervened and succeeded in averting the arrest of his former manager .
He also noted that during these happenings, wife of Bulldog was on the phone listening to the conversation, pleading with him (Shatta) to do whatever he can to get her husband out of the grips of the police.
“I told the police it was a misunderstanding that had come between us and my laptop got to Bulldog. He loudly said on the phone that he doesn’t have a wife, of which his wife was quite disappointed.
“The Apple laptop was my personal laptop, I bought it for 7,000 dollars and is for the Shatta Movement Family which I gave out to Bulldog to use for my official work.  It’s never true that I gave it to him as a gift. They have pictures of the sex act of Bulldog and the unknown girl on their phones.
“Though I doubted what they told me about the sex encounter and stolen clothes, they still attempted calling the Police to report Bulldog.”
Shatta claimed he had to rush to the US for another event so had to tell the guys to get his laptop and keep it till he returns to Ghana.
“I sent one of those guys because I was running out of time to America for another event and later came to Ghana. On arriving in Ghana the guy called me on phone that they have retrieved the laptop and he is also coming to Ghana as well.
“The guy questioned me why I prevented them from reporting Bulldog to the police over the stolen dresses and ‘bonking’ his girl.
According to Shatta , the two young men saw the nude pictures on the desktop of his laptop and one of them sent him one of the nude photos when he was in America on his birthday.
“I was in America on my birthday when they sent those pictures so I had to beg them to delete those photos.
But the young man Tkept threatening that Bulldog has wronged him for stealing his clothes and sleeping with his girlfriend so demanded an apology or will also circulate those nude photos of his wife, I begged him not to circulate those pictures because Mrs Hanson is innocent but the guy felt so bitter because of what Bulldog did to his girlfriend.
“Those guys respect me a lot and I know they wouldn’t do that so Mrs Hanson should kindly question his husband on how the pictures got into the public domain. Non of my Shatta Movement Family members have seen the nude pictures as she claimed.”
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